Dawn Weiss

C-Suite Marketing Strategist, Catalyst for Growth, and Proven Franchise Leader

While there are no shortcuts for turning a brand into a household name, Dawn Weiss has guided the growth of some of the nation’s leading franchise consumer brands, navigating their marketing efforts using the experience she’s accumulated from more than 15 years in franchising with proven success time and again. She is passionate about franchising for its ability accelerate a brand’s growth and extend its reach at an accelerated pace over corporate brands.

Fast-growing, first-to-market and disruptive brands are the cornerstone of Weiss’s marketing career—she has been on the founding and early stage teams of Massage Envy, The Joint Chiropractic, Amazing Lash Studio and GYMGUYZ. Since 2005, when she first sank her teeth into franchising as a founding marketing team member of Massage Envy during its most substantial growth period, she has become a sought after resource for brands who seek to establish themselves as industry leaders, and accelerate and gain market share. She leverages her experience to build scalable, sustainable systems preparing brands for substantial growth.

Having worked her way up the proverbial corporate ladder wearing the hats of chief, cook and bottle washer, Dawn’s strategic aptitude as Chief Marketing Officer is built upon a strong foundation of tactical execution across all marketing mediums. Her ability to shift gears as needed from a roll-up-her-sleeves work ethic to stepping back for a 30,000-foot view—and her hands-on understanding of all roles within a marketing department—provides her with greater clarity as a leader guiding teams, vendors and key stakeholders through all stages of a brand’s lifecycle.

Dawn takes pride in the work she and the team at Markonnect perform, using their experience to anticipate and course-correct obstacles before they negatively impact the brand. She is a trusted advisor to the founders and CEOs of some of the nation’s most notable franchise brands, and comes highly recommended by franchisors and franchisees alike.

She has been recognized as The Arizona Republic’s Top Female Executive for two consecutive years, served as a panelist at the International Franchise Association (IFA) Convention and a presenter at IFA’s Emerging Franchisor Conference.