Markonnect is the result of years of experience building some of the most notable names in franchising—leaders and disruptors like Massage Envy, The Joint Chiropractic and Amazing Lash Studio—that have grown exponentially and sustained over time from the foundations on which they were originally built.

Our team is made up of seasoned franchise marketing and
operations professionals with the know how to take a franchise brand from concept to proven success. We have deep expertise in all facets of franchise marketing and operations, and the resources and vendor relationships to help you every step of the way. If you already have your own team and trusted vendors, we can help guide them and make them better.

We focus on creating scalable marketing, whether you’re just
beginning to franchise, need access to a skilled marketing team, help tackling a single project or could use some experienced
guidance along the way. Working as an extension of your team, Markonnect takes a collaborative approach—everything we do is focused on your objectives and the needs of your franchise system and your franchisees.

What drives us is our passion for building great brands the right way, from the start. What sets us apart? We’ve sat in your seat. There’s virtually nothing we haven’t tackled while growing a franchise brand. And while we may not have a crystal ball, we’ve done this long enough and with proven success each time, that we can get you ahead of the curve every step of the way. We work with one goal in mind: the success of the franchise system as a whole—for the benefit of the franchisor and franchisee, and ultimately your brand’s longevity.

Our mission is to help franchisors establish a strong, sustainable marketing foundation
for their brand or business and a successful relationship with their franchise community and consumers.


Dawn Weiss

C-Suite Marketing Strategist, Catalyst for Growth, and Proven Franchise Leader

While there are no shortcuts for turning a brand into a household name, Dawn Weiss has guided the growth of some of the nation’s leading franchise consumer brands, navigating their marketing efforts using the experience she’s accumulated from more than 15 years in franchising with proven success time and again. She is passionate about franchising for its ability accelerate a brand’s growth and extend its reach at an accelerated pace over corporate brands.

Fast-growing, first-to-market and disruptive brands are the cornerstone of Weiss’s marketing career—she has been on the founding and early stage teams of Massage Envy, The Joint Chiropractic, Amazing Lash Studio and GYMGUYZ. Since 2005,

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  • David J Long

    CEO and Co-Founder at Orangetheory Fitness

    I worked closely with Dawn during Massage Envy’s most formidable years. She is an exceptionally talented, multi-faceted marketing leader who readily weaves together data, experience and instinct to meet business objectives...

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  • Teri O’ Donnel

    Regional Developer Massage Envy + The Joint

    Ihavehadthepleasureto work with Dawnoverthepast 10+ yearsin2emergingfranchisebrands, MassageEnvyand Amazing Lash Studio. Dawn is a consummate marketing professional who takes pride in everything she does...

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  • halle wagonner

    Multi Unit Franchise Owner, Amazing Lash Studio

    She is strong, focused and has a clear, creative vision. Her presence is magnetic and her work has been instrumental in growing the ALS brand as a whole which has directly affected me and my locations...

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  • Joshua Grinstead

    Multi-Unit / Multi-Territory Owner, GYMGUYZ

    I had the distinct pleasure of working with Dawn during her time with GYMGUYZ and quickly grew to trust her judgement, passion, and knowledge. Dawn is very smart, knowledgeable, and driven to make everything...

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  • Mitchell Berman

    Multi-Unit Owner, Massage Envy

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Dawn Weiss for almost 13 years. And the great good fortune of having worked with her when she was the Director of Brand Continuity at Massage Envy...

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  • Joseph Paglinawan

    M.B.A., M.S.S.M. Franchise Owner, GYMGUYZ

    My fiance and I, one of a few trailblazers on the West Coast, made a calculated risk and broke ground in San Diego where the GYMGUYZ brand is relatively unknown. Although San Diego is a prime...

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  • Stephen Vereb

    Area Developer, Amazing Lash Studio

    I first met Dawn when we joined the Massage Envy brand over 11 years ago. At that time, there were about 300 locations open and Dawn had been at the forefront of branding and positioning Massage Envy as the brand leader ...

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  • Alexander (Alex) Klaus

    Multi-Unit Franchisee, Massage Envy

    I have known Dawn since 2008 through my roles as a franchisee and later as Regional Developer in two franchise systems. Dawn has always been a pleasure to work with. Professionally, she was always prompt...

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  • Cara Stathas

    Franchisee, GYMGUYZ

    Dawn is one in a million. I’ve worked in the advertising industry for the past 15 years and there are few people that I’ve come across who are as professional and knowledgeable as Dawn. She’s confident...

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  • Joe Burum

    Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

    I had the pleasure of working with Dawn during her time at Amazing Lash Studio as head of marketing. She was innovative and creative, and always seriously considered the input of the franchise...

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  • Lance Ko

    Franchise Owner, GYMGUYZ

    I had the pleasure of working with Dawn as the Chief Marketing Officer at GYMGUYZ. She has lots of knowledge in her field and exceptional coaching skills that bring new revolutionary marketing...

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  • Leslie Dempsey

    Franchise Owner, GYMGUYZ

    I enjoy working with Dawn because of how well spoken, intelligent, hard working, motivated and knowledgeable she is about franchises and marketing the GYMGUYZ model. At GYMGUYZ we have a family...

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  • Kimberly Kleinops Wolff

    Marketing Manager, Amazing Lash Studio

    Once in a while you get to experience the opportunity to work for and with someone who is a leader in the industry, innovative, honest, as well as someone who is loyal to her company people...

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  • Jay Baer

    Keynote Speaker (Hall of Fame)

    I've worked with Dawn for years, and my firms have provided marketing strategy services to her and her teams on multiple occasions. Dawn is one of the most driven, energetic...

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  • Brenda Jallo

    Team Member at Massage Envy

    I worked with Dawn for 5+ years. She's a hardworking and dedicated individual. Dawn has creative ideas, a strong work ethic and excellent execution. Her motivation and drive will add immediate...

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